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Third Time’s A Charm

@kylewalker2Quick nap before the new season…😴

♬ original sound – Kyle Walker

We took an opportunity to please the City fans with this one! Having won his third PL title with Manchester City last season, Kyle wanted to use Manchester City’s favourite song to help represent just how much of a dream the clubs success is to Kyle.

Goal Line Clearance

@kylewalker2My back still hurts from this one! 😂

♬ original sound – ewancarter

This TikTok video was created for Kyle to show off his famous goal line clearance against Liverpool which helped his team win the Community Shield back in 2019. Having gained over 22,000,000 views & 3,000,000 likes, it is amongst Kyle’s most viewed videos.

Bgt Audition


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In this video, we showcased Kyle & Jack Whitehall’s Britain’s Got Talent audition from 2020. This Instagram reel has now amassed over 10,000,000 views & is now pushing towards 1,000,000+ likes!

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